In year 2017, SOLIDWORKS has establish new management software, which can monitor your project progress, meanwhile it protects your files within your PDM vault.Basically, we know what is the feature of SOLIDWORKS PDM, a software which allow the user to store their project or CAD data in a personal vault, only user with valid PDM license key can access to it. Reason for this precaution to ensure the file are protected, and secure in your computer, while being damage or stolen from your own employee.SOLIDWORKS Manage, I would dare to say, it is an enhancement/improved version of PDM Professional, which include the project management in the vault system, process management to monitor and make changes to improve the progress of your CAD project.Let’s us check out the features of SOLIDWORKS Manage.               These are the main features of SOLIDWORKS Manage, dashboards, BOMS and records, last but not the least, project management.Usually when we try to read the data status, we export the data to excel, to generate the grant chart, and pie chart manual in the spread sheet. It seems to be most effective ways, but it takes time to generate the chart data, and minor error might appear in the process which affect the real time result of your data status.Using SOLIDWORKS Manage, the dashboard in the software, allow you to view your project performance, the project status instant with real time result, without manually generate the chart and data sheet in Microsoft excel.

Dashboard in the SOLIDWORKS Manage able to review the project detail, and the task completion.

Dashboard showing the percent of minor section in the project.

When come to project management, by simply click on the part file, UI of the software will show the preview, and percentage of completion.

Preview on the part design progress, the detail below will show the person in charge on this component, and percentage of completion or update from the designer.

Generating the grant chart allow manager to get the expect completion date for the project.

Create new project in solidworks manage, allow you to include your customers information, and users who in charge in the project.

Reschedule the time frame for the project, allow the manager to remind user to complete the project within the provided time frame, through the software.

Section where how the user/manager create the project in solidworks manager, update progress and assign task to the specific designer/user.

BOM section in the manage UI, will sort the components in list, and will only show components within the project.

BOM features in solidworks manage, able to instantly generate BOM report, which includes all the components in the project folder.

SOLIDWORKS Manage process management, allow you to control the user capabilities to control the files in the vault, similar with the PDM. The workflow process allowed you to control the level of management in the vault, to monitor and control the process flow of the project. Example like, supervisor can monitor the process and approve the task completed by the designer.

SOLIDWORKS Manage allows you to create the workflow for the project, quite similar with SOLIDWORKS PDM, easy to catch up the application of the software.

Stage of workflow approval, allow the admin to control the abilities of user to access and control the files in the project.

The main purpose of using SOLIDWORKS Manage, to control the work flow quality, to ensure our partner able to delivered their project in time, with guarantee quality control.Contact us for more information if you wish to learn more about SOLIDWORKKS Manage.