Before you continue reading this sharing, do you know that we can save as 3D pdf? Ya, you view your 3D in pdf, something like the eDrawings but not as powerful as eDrawings.
Instead of sending the file in SolidWorks format or any kind of drawing, it’s common that mostly prefer to send the drawing out in .PDF format. Talking about improving the communication via E-method, 3D PDF is one of the output you can prefer to go with after eDrawings. But the presentation of a 3D PDF is too simple, just a 3D model which you can rotate in a piece of blank PDF paper.

Under SolidWork labs, a product know as presentation studio launch. PDF is the standard method for sharing documents. Add in 3D capabilities, and now you’ve got documents really worth sharing.
Click me to enjoy above 3D PDF in 3D
With Presentation Studio you can create a Design Brief, Price Sheet, Technical Summary, Feature Review, or Product Specification in minutes. But unlike ordinarly PDFs, an embedded 3D model conveys your design in a way 2D just can’t. The PDF can then be read on any computer with Adobe Acrobat 8 or above.

With this, the PDF you sent can ‘talk’ with your potential prospect and make you talk less and sell better. To enrich Presentation Studio capability, SolidWorks lab recently launched Presentation Studio Theme Editor. From the name, so obvious it use to edit the theme. The new application provides a graphical interface to edit Presentation Studio Themes. Feel free to explore more and get full use of it; either you presenting and submit projects report to your lecturer or presenting your idea to your clients.

To download and installation instruction, CLICK ME.