SOLIDWORKS consist a lot of hidden features you might not know.

Today we will share to you, how we can utilize the multibody advantages to create deformation on the object surface.

You may refer the step below to try it out.

Make sure you create second body object within the main body, and make sure merge result is clear.

Merge result option clear, to prevent the body marge become single body

You can always check the Solid Bodies folder, if you successful create multi body in SOLIDWORKS.

The folder will indicate the quantity of the multibody, you can always check on that section.

Go to feature, and look for Deform… features.

A lot of hidden features can always be found in this section

First setting, you need to define the deformation direction, for this case, we choose front plane.

Usually we pick the plane which is parallel to our deformation direction.

Deformation region, we shall select the faces that need to be deform.

Make sure you select the area you want to perform deform.

Deform object, we select the main body.

Deformation body must select the main body, which always same as the deformation surface.

Tools body, we shall use SELECT BODY option, and select the second body.

Please make sure do not select the wrong body, do not messed up with the main body.

Result of surface deform using multi body.

This feature actually benefits to jig and fixture, mould designer.

If you interested to learn about surface modelling, mould design, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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