SolidWorks FloXpress is a first pass qualitative flow analysis tool which gives insight into water or air flow inside your SolidWorks model.

Basically, to apply the analysis with FloXpress:

1. You need to prepare single internal cavity model. (SolidWorks FloXpress can only calculate single cavity model). Besides that, you need to create the lids (inside the SolidWorks model) for both inlet and outlet

2. Once you click on the FloXpress button, it will help you to check if geometry of the model is ready to be analyzed. Besides that, FloXpress also will automatically define and generate smallest flow passage value depends on model size and boundary conditions.

3. Then, user have to define what type of fluid is being analyzed. In FloXpress, you can either analyzed water or air.

4. Select the inlet face that contact with the fluid and define pressure/volume/ mass flow rate

5. Select the outlet face that contact with the fluid and define pressure/volume flow rate.

6. Finally, hit on the “Solve” button and let the software to run the analysis. You will obtain the result in terms of the velocity and also the fluid trajectory plot.

To get more quantitative results like pressure drop, flow rate etc you will have to use Flow Simulation.

Let’s enjoy the video to know how Floxpress can help you!