We had seen SOLIDWORKS PCB earlier this year, the function and performance that tailored to do R&D design for the electronics components and system for devices.

Before the PCB module, have you heard of SOLIDWORKS Electrical? SOLIDWORKS Electrical is a dedicated module that specialise tailored for electrical engineer. It comes with 2 section, electrical 2D and electrical 3D. You maybe start to wonder, what are the different between the 2d and 3d. Just take your time to breath; I will slowly explain the feature and benefits of using the SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

Firstly, let us look into SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2D. From the UI, the interface of the SOLIDWOKS looks similar with the standard SOLIDWOKS interface. So, the button, and features in the software, the user can easily pick up, learnt the software after they attend the proper training.

 User interface of SOLIDWOKS Electrical 2D.

SOLIDWOKS Electrical 2D is meant for schematics design, specialise tailored for electrical engineer. Majority of the electrical do not have complete back ground on 3D model. If we direct introduce electrical 3D to them, they pretty sure not interested to try on SOLIDWOKS Electrical.The electrical wires in the electrical 2D allow the user easily switch the wires option they wish to include in their schematics project. There is an option, to control the spaces between these wires. The easily pin on wire features, ease the user easily to connect between the new wires and the old wires in the schematics drawing.

Options that allow user to choose which type of wires they want to use it in SOLIDWOKS Electrical.

Symbol insertion allow you to import the component symbol, which consist of detail of supplier or manufacturer, and the reference setting that will be used in electrical 3D.

Symbol insertion in SOLIDWOKS Electrical, allows user to use the symbol as an input or electronics component in the schematics, even better, it allows user to include which manufacturer they will be using for this electronic component. The symbol insertion includes, fuses, measurement devices, PLCs, hydraulic, power supplies and others more. All the manufacturer information, even the product code, and the ampere value, all will be shown in schematics drawing.Macros feature in the SOLIDWOKS, allow user to plug and use the symbol with specific detail, without reinsert the information. When comes to duplicate the symbol, it will automatically generate the number sequence directly.

Macros features in SOLIDWOKS Electrical, allow you to duplicate the symbol icon with ease.

Auto-gen numbering for the macro features, come handy to differentiate the groups.

By switching between the diagram and schematics drawing, allow different viewer to understand the design of the schematics drawing. When comes to generate report for the schematics drawing, the preview will show the BOM detail in your schematics drawing.

SOLIDWOKS Electrical allows you to export your whole schematics project in DWG or PDF format.

BOM details can be easily reviewed in the project.

This is the part 1 for SOLIDWOKS Electrical 2D, mostly refer to features related to schematics project or design for electrical engineer.
For those who interested for electrical 3D features, stay tune for more.