Many don’t know how to save their own standard weldment profile in SolidWorks, some may even do not know there is a function called Weldment in SolidWorks where it can help you a lot when your design involve a combination of structural member!

Sometimes, the standard of structural member that you request may not supplied in SolidWorks by default. In this case, you can open a new part file and sketch out the weldment profile that you wish to apply. Next, how to integrate this weldment profile into SolidWorks is very important.

First, you need to know where is the weldment profile provided in SolidWorks is saved. Commonly, it is under your local disk C>Program Files>SolidWorks Corp>SolidWorks>Data> Weldment profile , add a file location and point to the location that I mentioned, so that it will apppeard under your task pane as shown in the picture below:

Then, press on the “Add to Library” button (which is beside the button of add file location under task pane), select the sketch from the feature tree and assign a name to it. Browse to the weldment profile location, in order to differentiate the profile supplied in SolidWorks and your own standard profile, you may create a new folder under the weldment profile, (for exp: name it as customized), under this customized folder, cretae sub folder for different type of member profile.
Besides that, file type is very improtant, make sure you select “Lib Feat Part” which means SolidWorks library feature part!

Try it now! You will find that when you try to insert the weldment profile to your sketch, the customized folder will appear under the pull down list of structural member function and you will able to use it!

In case it is not appear as what expected, go to Tools> Options>File location, under “show folder for:”select weldment profiles. Check the folder location, make sure it is point to the location of where you save your profile just now.

Hope this useful tips can help you !