Never think of using SolidWorks to draw out a fruit, especially durian! Previous day my colleague post this challenge to me, so i just have a try and finally within an hour i come out the durian model with some basic function in SolidWorks:
Step 1:
Create a new file. Open a skecth on FRONT plane. Draw out a shape with certain dimension as shown in the figure below: Step2:
Apply revolve feature to the 2D sketch.
Start to draw the thorn. Simply draw a triangular shape on FRONT plane. You can leave the sketch underdefined so that it can be adjusted to get the shape of the thorn that you want. Step4:
Do a circular pattern for the thorn and by select the circular edge as the center of rotation.

This is the 1st row of the thorn . You will need to get the 2nd, 3rd and the following along the surface of the durian by using Curve Driven Pattern.
Before apply the curve driven pattern, you need to prepare the reference curve for the pattern direction. Create a plane at certain angel from the FRONT plane. Make sure the angel plane is intersect with the outer face of durian. Select both the outer face and angel plane, go to Tool>Sketch Tools>Intersection Curve in order to create a 3D curve along the outer face of the durian.
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The 3D curve will be select as the direction of patterning when you use the curve driven pattern to get the 2nd row of thorn.

Repeat step 5&6 to get all the thorns. In order to make the arrangement of thorn more natural, you do not need to equalize the distance betwwen eat rom or even each thorn.
Do a mirror body for the 1st quater of durian.
Continue with another mirror body to get the full shape!

Your durian is ready to served now! =)