Hey there, have you heard of SOLIDWORKS CAM?  Yes, its SOLIDWORKS CAM, not SOLIDWORKS with Mastercam. It is an individual add-in from SOLIDWORKS, developed by CAMWorks.SOLIDWORKS is the new release of add on for all SOLIDWORKS version, including standard, professional and premium. As long you renew your subscription.SOLIDWORKS CAM is the new add in in SOLIDWORKS, which make the cam process to be easier to use for all SOLIDWORKS user.SOLIDWORKS CAM come with two version, SOLIDWORKS CAM standard or SOLIDWORKS CAM professional. As mentioned before, as long you continue renewal subscription, you always entitle to use SOLIDWORKS CAM standard.Back to main point, what are the differences between CAM standard and CAM professional?

SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard Professional
2-1/2 axis V V
Tolerance Based Machining V V
Assemblies X V
High Speed Machining X V
Turning X V
3+2 Machining X V

Firstly, basic CNC with 2-1/2 axis is supported by both versions. To save time doing file conversion to generate G code, both versions can directly import SOLIDWORKS part file. However, assemblies file can only be supported using CAM professional. If your cad models mostly involved in assemblies, you may need to use professional version to generate G-Code for your CNC machine.Well, on the other side, if you using SOLIDWORKS professional, the CAM add in able to support high speed machining, turning, and combination of 3 axis + 2 axis complex machine, providing more option for the software to support your machine. Please always make sure you check the capability of your machine before you fully implement SOLIDWORKS CAM.

You can always pre-set a few machines in your setting, allow you to choose which machine to milling the SOLIDWORKS part in the virtual simulation.

Various option in SOLIDWORKS CAM setting, allow you to choose which post processor to be used, and which type of available tool crib that you want to use, you may upload new tool crib from the tool library anytime with ease. The data of the tool crib can always be modify, or removed anytime.

Stock Manager in SOLIDWORKS, allow you to choose your stock size, as a initial block, before the milling process.

SOLIDWORKS cam will recorded all the milling processes, showing preview of each operation stages.

If you using hole wizard in your part file, CAM will choose the tools to perform the specific hole features

Toolpath simulation is one of the features that allow user to monitor and understand the actual process of milling in the CNC machine.

This is only part of the feature in SOLIDWORKS CAM. If you interested to invest a basic CNC machine, and you still active subscription SOLIDWORKS user, you deserve to learn more about SOLIDWORKS CAM module.
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