Happy thanksgiving!~ 

It’s alway good to have a blog to write something when you do not know how to speak it out. Did I share with you all that I’m a member of Toastmaster? I’m good in talking but not really good in writing. But write, still the best way to express yourself.

What I’m going to express now is about something that I missed out a week ago, our top 10 SolidWorks 2012 count down. Yup! Now we are at number 8 spot and we have SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Integrated Search.
“Enterprise PDM Integrated Search gives you the option of searching from within your current Explorer window— no separate dialogs needed. Access favorite searches or open the full search tool for all options.” This is the explanation and below is the video about this new enhancement for enterprise PDM.

That all for this week, off for my weekend getaway!~