From ideas to results- NOW!
A new page was launch by DS SolidWorks Corp, for no other than SolidWorks 2011. DS SolidWorks Corporation unveiled SolidWorks 2011 yesterday. More than 200 enhancements in the new release and many of it were customers driven.

No new fancy interface but it offer more attractive reasons for you to own the latest release:

■Design Faster and more Efficiently
■Enhanced Support for Manufacturing
■Improved Collaboration and Visualization

Not forget to mention improving performance and reliability.
I always told my friends and users, “with SolidWorks, you can expect more than a 3D design CAD. ” It’s a tool than can help you in presentation and communication. Counter-strike style walkthrough features for easy video capturing, PhotoView 360 now integrated into SolidWorks. The overall collaboration features improvement allow users to product non-CAD materials in a shorter time frame.
Power & plant dudes, make sure you free yourself for coming SolidWorks Innovation Day 2010, to witness the great improvement in structure and piping. It’s going to rock your world with SolidWorks 2011. So many enhancement for these features and most of it were driven by users. Grid system, weld table, weld gap for pipe, etc. You ask for it, you get it!~
That all for now. Not willing to unveil too much for the time being. You may go to HERE for some others enhancements. Of course, do block you calendar for coming SolidWorks Innovation Day 2010 in the month of October. It’s show time!~
Stay tune~
a guy who just back from Cambodia.