Solidworks has launched Solidworks 2010 Beta program recently….
What can we expect from Solidworks 2010???
Can we get what we have requested in Solidworks enhancement request?
Let review what are the TOP TEN ENHANCEMENT IDEAS that presented by Solidworks User Group Leader from different region during Solidworks World 2009.

They are:

  1. Excel behavior in tables
  2. Abort any running command by pressing ESC
  3. Add Lock Point for model rebuilds
  4. Dual Monitor support
  5. On-the-fly equation creation and editing
  6. Faster rebuilds on complex models
  7. Ability to rename configurations while referenced
  8. SolidWorks backward compatibility
  9. Clear memory when a file is closed
  10. Increase program stability

I am not sure how many of these request will come out in Solidworks 2010 but as a customer centric company, i think Solidworks Corp will try their best to fullfil customer enhancement request.

For Solidworks Customer with current subscription service, you can go to and log in as customer and later download this beta program for testing purpose. (for testing purpose only, not commercial use!!)
*term and condition apply
~ah lau~