Rule #1, you need a touch-enabled computer.
Rule #2, you need fingers. (toe, if you prefer)
Last week we brought in a touch-enabled computer,installed with Window 7. Once the large 23″ touch-enabled all-in-1 monitor was ready, SolidWorks installed and the fingers are ready for twisting. 🙂
It was not really a workstation. What we manage to get is an Acer Aspire Z5600. It come with a wireless slim keyboard and mouse. anyway, who need the mouse when you can use your finger at the screen to replace the mouse. (*laugh*)
I always believe that for a touch-enabled monitor, the bigger the screen, the better. In this case, Acer Aspire did a nice job, 23″ wide touch screen is more than enough for the finger of an Asian, like mine. 
SolidWorks performace in this machine didn’t let us down. Thanks to Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q8200s with 4GB DDR3 RAM. The graphic card fairly good, it is not really a certified CAD graphic card. In this case, the powerful built-in audio doesn’t seem to help much for SolidWorks application. (haha)
Okay, a video showing some movement commands in the software. You will find that it look the same on how my finger move but end with different type of movement, especially pan and rotate.

tips: I found that using 2 hand is better than 1 hand and more fun too.
We found that the icons, especially the heads-up view toolbar are too small. It will be better if can have a bigger icon. You can even feel the pain when selecting an edge, it was too slim for a fatty finger of mine. but you don’t expect a thick edge, right?
Hmm, how to right click with a finger? Simple hold awhile and a cool ring appear and you have your right click shortcut list. Cool huh!~ Until you watch how I drag my on-screen keyboard out for dimensioning.
Another video to share on how I use my finger to draw a simple model with some basic features in SolidWorks.
I guess this maybe helpful. Instead of using finger, try consider to use this:
Get a touch screen, try by yourself and let’s share with us how do you think.