Hi there! It had been a very looooooong silence from me. I think my schedule had been very pack lately and making my life busy as a bee. (Caution! I will stink! ZZzZZzZZ).
I am so excited about SUKMA now offering Softball as one of the game into the list! (FYI, this is the game I fall in love with!) But too bad, I could not see them playing for SUKMA due to duty (I will miss the MASUM also L).
Now leave the game and SUKMA behind, the important thing is that I am here to make your life easier by giving you helpful tips on SolidWorks. But today, I won’t give any tips or tutorial to make this and that. I would like you to think by yourself; using the feature that I already teach you on the previous tutorials to come out with this ball
Well, it is pretty easy actually, but you have to do some math to get the pattern at the right angle. (Now, I already gave you the clue: ANGLE + PATTERN) Give it a try! You can email me your ball after some touching of rendering and I will put it in my next post. I will also show you how to create this profile in the next post.
For the LOVE of the game, Let’s Go Design!