Recently, we always talked about 3DEXPERIENCE, we talked about cloud storage system, a place where you can sync your cad data file in secured cloud server, provide more deep data security to keep track your file history, and control the access of the files by other users in the platform.  cloud project planner, schedule and planning tools allowing user to assigned task, and create schedule, timeline, to ensure the project completed on time.  Cloud community provided spaces, allowed user to create a private / public group or create a dedicated group between users and suppliers, to create a secured and fast communication bridge between these parties.

So, what we going to focus today? We will deep dive more on simulation tools, advance tools that is ready in 3DEXPERIENCE.

Simulation is quite an important process in design process stages. Normally, we start from drafting, then 3D designing, and before product release, we need to validate our design. Either using hand calculation to stimulate the process theoretically, or we can use CAE tools to stimulate our prototype.

Simulation is part of the process to validate the product design before product release.

Typically, in SOLIDWORKS, we can easily stimulate it, and generate the report, however, software itself, required user to have a high graded hardware, with certified graphic driver to ensure the stimulation process run faster, more effective calculation in the software, and postprocessing power to run these simulation cases. This is where, 3DEXPERIENCE come, provided with these tools to run on cloud, to eliminate the hardware requirements, and provide a stimulation environment for users to stimulate their CAD prototype in cloud.

First of all, Mr Shreyas Vaidya, shared on his experience on structure solutions on 3DEXPERIENCE. When come to structure solutions, the solution includes structural design, one of it is the linear statics simulation, the most used simulation in SOLIDWORKS, then followed with frequency, buckling and thermal simulations. Then we have structural engineer section, which mostly used to stimulate structure body or you familiar with the term, weldment body in SOLIDWORKS. Then, the solutions also included durability performance engineer, and durability & mechanics engineer, where these solutions are more for advance users, more focusing for advance mesh, advance contacts in the simulations.

Capabilities of the stimulation performed under Simulia Structures Solutions.

Example of case study, that you can stimulate in Simulia 3DS platform.

He simplified the design to stimulate the F1 car crash simulation (left picture is the car actual design, right side is the simplified bodies to stimulate).

His concept on the crash analysis

When we come into crash analysis, Mr Shreyas Vaidya used structural analysis to stimulate the formula car crash in 3DEXPERIENCE. By assign the correct materials, and simplify the structural body, after collision, the 3DEXPERIENCE able to show the deformation of the car crash. As shown in result, the collapse of the member is terrifying, we cannot imagine the damage done on the driver, and the cost for crashing the prototype, if we do the physical collision testing on field. After knowing the collapse result from the simulation, to speed up the modification process, he switched back to the familiar tools, SOLIDWORKS to do some design changes. Then switch back to 3DEXPERIENCE, to rerun the case study, to compare the results, and hoping to have some improvement from the collapse scenarios. 3DEXPERIENCE structure solutions not only able to stimulate the collision simulation, it also allowed user to study door crash impact, blade damage, and much more for user to explore the possibilities on this platform.

Deformation after the crash, you able to watch the animated deformation after simulation, which is similar on what we see on SOLIDWORKS simulation.

Reimport the case study after modified the design.

Result comparison between original and modified design.

Energy graph comparison between original and modified design.

Followed some sharing from Mr Ramesh, specialist in CFD simulation, share some case study on how he utilizes the simulia fluid solutions to identify and airflow of the F1 cars. Simulia Fluid Solutions in 3DEXPERIENCE, come with fluid dynamics engineer, plastics injections engineer, Xflow and powerflow.

Solutions you can access in simulation fluid solutions.

Technology behind the CFD simulation solutions.

Powerflow is the main solutions used to stimulate the aerodynamics of the object in 3DEXPERIENCE, mostly used to stimulate the dynamics flow on the car / vehicles.

Case study he wishes to stimulate in the CFD solutions.

Numbers of elements being used to stimulate the airflow on the F1 car.

Total time needed to complete the airflow simulation using cloud simulation, imagine the time taken needed if we using premises hardware.

Result generated from the flow simulation, the drag force produced after the airflow go through the F1 car model.

The force exerted on the F1 car model by the air resistant.

Pressure points on the F1 car model.

Using colour allow user to identified which region has the highest drag force.

If you wish to understand all the details and explanation on these solutions, you can easily watch the recorded session at youtube, or refer to the link below.


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– Henry Chai, Application Engineer, IME Technology Sdn Bhd