pletDS R&D team spending a lot of resources and times, to improve their products or solutions. If you know about SOLIDWORKS, then you probably know that, every year SOLIDWORKS always come with different enhancement and improvement, to ensure user has the best experience when using the new version of the products. Today, we will be focusing on DS other solutions, DraftSight instead of SOLIDWORKS.

DraftSight, one of the drafting tools, that come with two license options, term license and perpetual license.

Let us begin with the main issue or problems, when we encounter drawings. Do you find yourself some hard time, to locating, searching for specific drawings in computer? Large number of drawings in single project, some even come with different revision, sometime it requires quite some time to identify the drawings. We may create folder and sub folder to sort out the files, but you have to proper structure to different the drawings with different categories, take a lot of time to have this practice.

Sheet set manager can be easily find under sheet section.

No worry, DraftSight now come to this feature to solve this issue for you. Let us introduce to you, one of the features introduce in Draftsight2021, that is Sheet Set Manager.

What does this Sheet Set Manager help us to sort our drawing? Sheet set manager not only help us to categories drawings into a single unique group, it also allowing user to switch the drawing   instantly when they accidently close all the drawings windows.

Sorting manager in DraftSight ease user to manage and update the drawing withing the group.

In Addition, with this feature, you now longer required to open a lot of folders in your directories in your computer, you can easily update the drawing in those categories, always update your drawing project with few clicks. Aside from that, each individual drawing only able import into group once, which will prevent you importing the drawing into the wrong group or categories. To sort up the drawing the in manager, subset option is available, allow user to create sub-group in the manager to sort of the drawing with micro management. So, it will ease the process, for everyone to find the drawings that they needed in DraftSight.

Subset group in the manager, allowing user to further categories the drawings.

In conclusion, it worth a while for you to keep renew your software subscription services, to ensure that, you always receive the new enhancements. Who knows you might these enhancements one day, to solve your daily problem when using the DraftSight. 

That’s all for today, if you like our blog, stay tune for more information about DraftSight.

Next blog, we will be talking about the other DraftSight features you need to know.

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– Henry Chai, Application Engineer, IME Technology Sdn Bhd