To meet the concerns of the environment, IME Technology Sdn Bhd as the frontline of solution provider of industry’s most ubiquitous MCAD software application SolidWorks, take seriously their responsibility to educate and convey the message to everyone involved in product design.

In an informative event to share how SolidWorks Sustainability can help determine how much carbon footprint release throughout a product life cycle. It all begins from the product design stage, where one can create the optimum design for minimum impact to our precious earth.
We showed two different ways to create the optimum product design.
First method is the choice of material. SolidWorks Sustainability provides the best sources of different materials take can apply in any kind of product and generate the Life Cycle Assesment report of product design with the material choosen with just few click away.

Second method showed how to reduce material usage which will result in carbon footprint reduction.
Participants from varies industries were impressed and understood better after the event how easily it is to use SolidWorks Sustainability to design products with reduced carbon footprint before they even begin to manufacture the actual product. “It is a cost-effective way for us to determine how our product prototype will impact the environment.” said one of the participants Mr. Arif

Mr. Sew, IME’s assistant product manager said” We look forward to encouraging more business owners and product designers to consider the environment right from product design stage. This will actually minimize environmental impact and will also be a big cost saving for the business in the long run.”