A Whitepaper by IBM

For a lazy reader like me, it’s hard to drag me read, but recently an article in SolidWorks Community attracted my attention. It go like this:

Far too many companies think of Innovation as an art rather than the result of high-performance business processes.

Every day, companies gamble with their futures, making bets big and small, risking “currency” in the form of their strategic direction…

Best Performing Companies derive 65% of their success from innovative projects:

65% of best performers succes from innovative projects. The best example in my mind now is: Apple’s products, I-pod, I-phone, I-pad, I-touch etc. In short period of time, now Apple is the leading technologies player in the market by launching products that drive the whole world crazy!
In Malaysia term: Don’t be a copy cat! Start your own design!!! Start an Orange Inc. ^.^ V
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Happy designing!~