IME group of companies cooperate with MACRI ( Malaysia association creativity & innovation recently have a “Program Budaya Kreativiti & Inovasi” seminar and technical sharing for SMK Serendah to inspire and introduce the most innovative 3D CAD application to the younger generations.
Young lads always come across some ideas, but how many of the ideas from these young talents become a feasible application that helping in our daily life? Mr. Robest Yong, a famous local inventor share his passion and idea to invent great marketable products to over 50 young man. Invention is just ABC.
Most of the ideas are not developing because most of the people do not know how to communicate the idea to others and conceptual it becomes visible model. “That’s a waste for the brilliant young and innovative ideas going to no way.” said the Senior Application Engineer, Sew from IME group of companies. “That’s why our CEO Madam Julia Wee is very support on this event.” Our mission is to guide the young talent to use the right tool to deliver their idea in the more “Solid” ways.
After that, he share with the students on the latest 3D technology, SolidWorks which can serve as a great tool to realize their idea in a simple and fast way, meanwhile can use for presentation.
At the end, students took the opportunity to ask and learn from Mr. Robest on invention mind set and technology update with Sew.
We are not only telling them about this but we also set up few computers for them to have a test drive so that they have a better understanding on what we are trying to explain to them. It is beyond business, to help the young talent to realize their ideas and develop dream are always bring bigger fulfillment and make our group complete.