This is another FREE tool from Solidworks Labs.
This time i want to introduce “Presentation Studio”
Presentation Studio is a tool that help you to create a Design Brief, Price Sheet, Technical Summary, Feature Review, or Product Specification in minutes. (maybe just in seconds)
But unlike ordinarly PDFs, this PDF document will embedded with a 3D model that conveys your design in a way 2D just can’t. The PDF can then be read on any computer with Adobe Acrobat 8 or above.
To use this tools,
1) You need to download addin from this link.
2) Open your Solidworks 2009. Go to drop down menubox -> Tools -> Add ins. Click the checkbox of Presentation Studio.

3) Now that add-in is loaded, there will be a new Presentation tab containing the Layout command. This will launch the Presentation Studio Layout Property Manager. (as shown below)

4) Choose the template layout and type in your product summary and description. Select the views that you want to show in your PDF.

5) Click Ok. Then the output will look like this. (below)

In just a few steps, we managed to generate a 3D product catalog.

Note: this add in runs in Solidworks 2009.

Happy Trying!!
~ah lau~