Looking into the Interior Design Industry


Interior design industry has been well-known for its design services, not only it provides services for the custom interior house designs, but also provides such excellent services in housing development unit. Providing unique designs for rooms or houses to catch attention from clients, might as well provide the comfortable layout and design for house owner to feel at home. Some of the youngster or entrepreneurs even treat this design services as a hobby. Like the TV show, Pimp My Ride – instead of a car, it is more focused on room transformation, according to personal taste and trends from the internet. As long as you have a house and own a room, it can happen anytime to have a facelift for your spaces.

home design

Interior designers always come up with unique ideas and designs based on their customer requirements

Normally when a client requests for house or room facelift, it usually takes a lot of time. Usually several discussions are required just to finalise the furniture needed for the renovation project. The unique designs of the room required a lot of confirmation to ensure they meet the customer’s request or demand. Changes of quality and design also greatly delay the actual renovation work progress. Sometimes, it also takes quite a little bit of time for the designer to prepare the house layout drawing for the renovation contractor or get approval from land estate department for the modifications of the houses.

interior design draft

Always start with drafting drawings, sometimes customer find it hard to visualise or being impressed by ID

Furthermore, sometimes it is extremely hard for interior designers to present their ideas and their designs physically at the public. Once in a while, they are only able to show it at developer’s showroom, or else they are required to handcraft using cards and plastic pieces to complete them, it is time consuming to complete these mini design projects. Additional cost is also needed for photo shooting of the room and the photo editor services, whether to edit the photo to look more professional or render picture using PhotoShop software. That makes a lot of prospects lose interested or lose passion when they communicate with interior design team, making the design team having a tough time to deal with customers.

home interior design model

Low budget sample models to display for presentation

Showroom, impressive layout, but high production cost

Imagine all these issues can be solved by using HomeByMe with DraftSight.

You might be wondering, what is HomeByMe? Is it some sort of software? Is it hard to use, or is it another software to do interior design?

This is where we come in and explain the details to you.

Imagine having a cloud design tools, always ready in your palm, for presentation and design

Your Conceptual Design Comes Alive on Cloud


What is HomeByMe? HomeByMe is a cloud-based design software for interior design industry. Yes, you are right, cloud-based. This means you are only required to have a web browser to kick-start your house interior design. In other words, you can use it anytime and anywhere, as long you have a smart device on your hand. It does support MAC OS, so you can no longer worry about the hardware required to start using HomeByMe.

So, is it for ID specialist to use it? The answer is no, HomeByMe is a software for everyone. So, everyone can design with minimum guidance required.

design brainstorming

Everyone always thought room designing is only for professional interior designers

home by me website interface

HomeByMe is a webpage cloud application and mobile application as well

Within the HomeByMe, it does not only provide a friendly dedicated area for interior design, but it also comes with existing pre-set data, for house structure design, wall pattern, floor pattern, windows, furniture, and electrical appliances. When you complete your initial design, you can directly preview your design whether in 3D view, 2D view or walkthrough. This allows the designer to shorten the time to present the unique design of the room and preview it directly on tablet or mobile phone without physical sample model or actual showroom for the design.

Interior design simulation

Easily preview your project in front of customers with simple 3D visualisation

Besides that, designers can also use some of the pre-set designs from the HomeByMe community forum, to improvise existing design to be more interesting. When you browse through the project details, they will provide the general information, on the room size, how many rooms. If we break into the additional details, the dashboard even provides number of furniture, window, doors that has been used in your room project.

home furniture

Number of rooms, room details, number of furniture and rendered picture can be previewed from the project dashboard

Methodology of HomeByMe

Let us deep dive on the design features in HomeByMe. Similar like SOLIDWORKS, after you start a new project, the system will ask you to define the first room area. HomeByMe also comes with pre-created room to use, so the designer only needs to put some effort to modify and edit the room size and fine tune the detail of the walls and floor.

The floor plan design uses a simple command or function to create line for the room perimeter and to create different rooms within your project. Let’s assume that if you have existing floor plan 2D drawings, it is amazingly easy for you to draw the line and dimension according to your floor plan drawings. To standardise the room details, you even can rename the room name so it is easier to identify the room within the project.

Always start with simple 2D floor plan design

You can always rename the room name, and details of the room

home by me interior design interface
homebyme interior design interface

Come with pre-set room shape and size, to speed up the floor plan design. You can classify the room type in the project.

Once the room is ready, this is where we utilise the pre-set data to improvise the room. By clicking the build icon at the top left, it will give us the access to all the existing pre-set / pre-create data to use on our design project. Not only the structure pre-set data, even the furniture item all area ready to use or apply in the project.

Pre-create data for build structure

homebyme design interface
visualization interior design

Once the room is ready, you can always drag and fine tune the structure positions

home by me website interface
homebyme design

You can always add on internal doors, windows for your room

homebyme interior design interface

Furniture pre-created data always ready to be used or add in your project

homebyme product page

Some of the furniture comes with full set, like kitchen set, or wardrobe set can be found in the database

What so special is that the item used in the project can be edited and updated anytime based on designer’s desire and even the floor plan can be modified anytime. When your furniture is added to your project, you can always preview in 2D view, 3D views, and the walkthrough mode in HomeByMe.

homebyme interior design visualization 1
interior design layout

Can always fine tune your furniture positions and change the floor plan

Can always using 2D, 3D views, and walkthrough mode to check and preview your project

Integrated with DraftSight, Kill Two Birds with One Stone

If currently you have DraftSight software, you are going to like this part.

After HomeByMe developed under Dassault Systemes 3DVIA division, similar with the 3DEXPERIENCE concept, create a collaboration bridge with the drafting CAD. The main reason behind this is, as per today, drafting CAD remain strong in construction or renovation industry. HomeByMe has been collaborating with DraftSight software after their cloud platform first released to the public.

So, how does the magic work between HomeByMe and DraftSight? How can this feature help others to produce finalised standard drawing for their design?

Let us explore together how we can import the HomeByMe data into DraftSight. As we know that, HomeByMe has a different type of data from the cloud, now they specifically allow the data file only can support for DraftSight.

We can directly access our project in DraftSight by going to the task pane in DraftSight, then login your HomeByMe account in DraftSight. The HomeByMe task pane will show the existing project in your HomeByMe account, direct lyclick it will open the project in DraftSight in 2D drawing views. If your DraftSight got issue login, make sure you install latest DraftSight service pack and version, and you might need to subscribe to the Pro version. Only the Pro version of HomeByMe comes with export options within the HomeByMe website, will allow you to export your design in DraftSight readable data. Then go to the same task pane section again to import your data, with the standard SI unit you desire.

Direct login in DraftSight task pane, or HomeByMe plugin

Once we import our project in the DraftSight, the data already converted in standard DWG drawings, with entities, colors, and layers. All the data you have seen in 2D view from HomeByMe will project the same floor plan in DraftSight. Even the floor name, show in the viewport or drawing sheet in DraftSight.

If work on offline, must subscribe pro-version, to have the export feature in HomeByMe

Once import into DraftSight, save it as DWG file for renovation contractor, or official documentation for the room information for housing developer

By utilising this feature, not only it helps the designers to convert the design data into drafting style, but also speed up the time from redoing the design on DraftSight, and easier for the contractor to obtain the floor plan drawings for renovation works. Purchasers can also easily identify and verify the item to purchase for the project.

Advance Features You Should Not Miss Out

After we had covered on the basic modelling features, the advantages of HomeByMe integrated with DraftSight, now we are going to deep dive into the advance features, or you can call it the hidden features within the HomeByMe application.

Designers always wanted to show their best designs or presentation through picture, to express their idea through pictures than a thousand words. Normally, they will hire another graphic designer, or photo editor to perform or do photo rendering for their picture. By using the HomeByMe, the application itself consists of photo rendering feature, which allow the designer to render the photo from their project directly on cloud. You are right, directly on cloud, without using any hardware to process the photos. You even can use custom picture as background, to make the rendering effect more realistic. In the process of rendering, you still can continue other design projects without interruptions. Once it is complete, the HomeByMe will drop an email to notify the designer, the rendered photo is ready to be downloaded from cloud. Minimum training or guidance is required to pick this up, without additional cost to do photo rendering. Trust me, the effect of the rendering tools so good, and you are going to love it very much.

Picture rendering mode provided and rendered on cloud (terms & conditions applied)

Besides rendering photo features, you are also able to create the VR 360 view for your room. By using the similar walkthrough mode, select the perfect position that you want. Instant preview in the webpage, allow you to rotate, turn around to present the highlight of the room design within the phone. Quite sure it will capture your client attention, without any physical show room in your house, or sample room model in the discussion or meeting. You can even export the file out, instead of using the website, can directly preview VR 360 picture, using the normal VR holder for the phone, without any high-end VR hardware.


360 VR mode available to preview your project (terms and conditions applied)

As shown earlier, we are only focusing on single level room. You can even add additional floor or basement basef on your default floor design, or you can start as a fresh design in different floor, which explains the pre-set data for the staircase found in build data sheet, to create a connection between floors and basement. Limitless design space in HomeByMe allows you to explore, create, and design your room without limit.

Add-on additional floors or basement for your project, limitless design space for your house, room, and even exterior design

HomeByMe now even have their own application from Google Store. It works the same way with the browser version. Login required, and you can directly start your project or preview your project throughout the apps in your smartphone. You should download it and try it out after you read this! Truly one step closer to the future, and very convenient.

HomeByMe smartphone application can be found on google store, install it, and you can use it anytime, anywhere

One Step Ahead of Future


Currently cloud solution is the ongoing trend around the world. Earlier this year, Dassault Systemes just introduced plenty of features on 3DEXPERIENCE platform, and now with HomeByMe on cloud introduced to the market. Everyone can just design their own houses with the smartphone in your hand; it makes it feel like everyone can be their own designer for their houses. It’s a brand new experience of SIM City room simulation that comes alive to you and makes your ideal house into real design for your room or houses.


If you are interested to understand how the HomeByMe works with DraftSight, please register, and join our online seminar session on 13th April 2022. If you missed out, you still could join the on-demand session. We will be waiting for you.