The piping enhancement just getting better and better. Recently, I found that it come with HUGE fittings library. With this library come along, it save us a lot of time building up our very own library.

Of course, you would need to download and store into your drive. Just turn on your SolidWorks 2010, go to Task Pane> Design library> SolidWorks Contents> routing and you shall found the fittings library located over there. Below listed the available standard (just copy paste from the list):

1. ANSI-ASTM metric B16.11- A234
2. ASME B16.10M
3. ASME B16.5
4. Australian BSP
5. DIN
6. ISO

 I guess it cover most of the standard, right? How do you think, Is this cool? I bet so.

To download, simple select the standard you want and hold CTRL+click to download.
Warming: make sure you have a great internet connection, the HUGE library is not a joke.