*Remark: This was a blog written by a trainee. His SolidWorks is amazing and I believe he’s going to have a great future ahead.

Hi ~ A good day to you all~
Here I would like to share with you all with my current plane – F-117 Nighthawk. The method to use is using surface + solid modeling, or call normally we known as Hybrid Modeling. It’s best for complex modeling and under surface modeling course.
This is shown the bodies of F-117 Nighthawk have done, of course I would like to make it more realistic and attractive for you all to continue reading my blog.  So, I use PhotoView 360 to keep thing interesting. With the integrated rendering tool, I no longer need to leave SolidWorks interface to perform photo rendering. Let check it out~ how it look in final design with rendering effect.
This is the top look of the aircraft.
The front view, look alike with actual aircraft?
Maybe adding an image (sky) at behind to show my jet in action in the air? Let’s have a look~

Hope you enjoy my work. Now, do you all fully utilizing your current SolidWorks feature? Do you agree PhotoView 360, is easy?
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Thanks you for reading, have a nice day ~ ~*