me: Doc, I think I’m sick.
Doc: A(H1N1)? If so, pls get out, NOW! If not please continue.
me: …
me: When I close my eye, I saw optimus. When I go for shopping, i saw transformer. When I search 3Dcontentcentral, i saw OPTIMASH PRIME!
Doc: Yes, you are sick! It known as Transformer fever!!!
me: …

Yes, Transformer fever is still on, especially here in Malaysia. Adults are buying transformer ‘toy’ and no, it was not for their children… it was bought for himself. o.O

Now, it is more serious than A(H1N1). The virus had infected 3Dcontentcentral. One day, I was browsing 3Dcontentcentral, I found this…

Optimash Prime. So Cute!!! Potato man with 80′ prime suit & mask. The best part, I can change his hand, from this

To this,

Ops! Haha… It’s so adorable. Don’t you think so?

Credit go to Mr. Jojo Monkey, from