Have you try the new user interface of SolidWorks Simulation Xpress in 2010? If you have tried, you will found that it has been redesign to reduce the screen clutter and have better guidance to the new user.

Once you hit on the Simulation Xpress button, the user interface will provide the user detail information to guide you through the steps on how to run a simulation, these information including how to define fixtures and forces, warning that should be alert, and also some examples to improve the understanding of users.

After simulate the part and obtain the result, Simulation Xpress also allow user to improve their design throughout optimization. With this function, user will able to define which dimension is the changeable parameter throughout the optimization process, and which parameter is the constraint you wish to maintain. When you rerun the analysis, SolidWorks will alter the changable parameter to make the design meetig the requirement.

Let’s enjoy the short video to know more about the Simulation Xpress in SolidWorks 2010!