Today, I am so excited because Lau told me that my lovely NEW BALANCE shoe is design by SolidWorks. Wow!!! I am really can’t imagine that the ENTIRE SOLE OF THE SHOE is model in SOLIDWORKS.

I searched online & found that there was a customer sharing their success story in SolidWorks World’s Tuesday General Session. According Matt Dunbar, Senior Cad Designer for New Balance; they use SolidWorks and 3D Printing in their iterative design process for the shoe sole. They run approximately 100 3D prints per month. Their sole shoe files generally run around 1300 features, but they have models that contain as many as 1800 features!!! Wow! 1800 features, in one single part!!! Absolutely amazing!

Believe it!

Sole design in progress

New Balance Sole in SolidWorks

Look at the features!!!

~fans of New Balance~