Innovating a fresh, made-to-order ice cream-making machine with SolidWorks
I Love ice-cream, just like Sew love Ice-Kacang. Today I found a success story from SolidWorks website on a “Ice-Cream making machine” from MooBella. I wonder, did Malaysia have this type of ice-cream making machine?

MooBella has pioneered a revolution in ice cream-making: a machine that makes a single serving of fresh, flavored-to-order ice cream in about 45 seconds. It is an automated machine that could produce individual servings of freshly made ice cream. Interesting right!!

Why MooBella and SolidWorks?? James Baxter, vice president of engineering, “in order to take the technology to the next level, we needed a design system that would support collaboration on a range of development efforts – involving sheet-metal designers, mold-makers, and other mechanical specialists – working in parallel. We needed a CAD platform to facilitate the development of separate design modules that we would bring together to complete the machine.”

Baxter says the choice of SolidWorks software was made because it is easy to use, provides innovative capabilities, and includes the visualization and communications tools that MooBella needs to sustain seamless collaboration with a variety of external partners and engineering resources. The company also valued the fully integrated product data management (PDM) and design analysis capabilities provided by SolidWorks Workgroup PDM and SolidWorks Simulation design analysis software.
EMM…. SolidWorks…. Such a Power full CAD Design Tool.
Let’s CLICK to see how and why SolidWorks being chose as MooBella CAD design tools?