It is our honour to be invited to give a talk or conduct a seminar at Sibu region about IoT.The main purpose of the seminar, not only to giving exposure to the university’s students, giving a chance for the students to explore their potential in IoT and industrial cadcam market.

Our Presenter, Mr Sew, our first stop at UCTS Sibu.

Students from UCTS attended our seminar.

Majority of the students from Engineering faculty, IoT, industrial 4 is not longer a new thing for them, but lack of the knowledge about the application of IoT, how IoT might change their job or career in the future. But without the fundamental of engineering knowledge, it will become a challenge for the student to merge into IoT industry.

Lecturers and students are focusing on the presentation information.

Students from Curtin attended our seminar in Miri

Throughout the seminar, Mr Sew, also bring out the possibilities of AI taking over human job in the manufacturing industry, some of the students did raised up their concern about their job opportunity after study if this AI machine going to replace their job in the manufacturing industry. Respond to his question, AI now is still under human control using the programming or coding, in certain job in the manufacturing industry still required engineer to manually handle it.

Students who raised his concern about AI taking over their job in future.

Base on the survey we get from the students, majority of the students are interested for the SOLIDWORKS workshop or event. Basically, the students only use the modelling feature to do their project then import into other software to run simulation. Lack of information on the SOLIDWORKS caused the students to use multiple product to design and validate their products. Therefore, we wish to conduct more relevant workshop in the future base on their project requirement.

The feedback we get from the UCTS students.

The feedback we get from Curtin Students

Mr Sew given by the Dr Sukanta, acknowledgement letter from Curtin.

End of the day, we wish to inform the school and universities in whole Malaysia, IME is always ready to support your education activities. If you wish to invited us to your school, to give a seminar for your students about IoT, CADCAM industry sharing, Internship and job career. Feel free to contact us at Including the universities in east Malaysia as well, don’t feel shy to contact us for education activities.