Recently, I did told some of my friend about my intention to start a small group of people who create small little design that is innovative and yet attractive. The reasons I want to create this group are to cultivate the interest of design in fellow Malaysian and blah blah blah……… So long word short say……..I would like to take this initiative to start off first with the hope that others will also contribute and share their design here.
How many of you have seen or use “Shape” feature in Solidworks? This feature allows Solidworks creates a deformed surface on a model by expanding, constraining, and tightening the selected surface. A deformed surface is flexible, much like a membrane. It can be expanded, constrained, and tightened using the sliders on the Controls tab in the Shape Feature dialog box.

A shape feature dialog pop-up… Select the face that you wish to shape…

Change to control tab and move the slider to see the effect with the instant preview.

By using features repeatedly, I’d created an 3D model of dice and later rendered with PhotoView 360.

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