Last year, DraftSight what’s new brought us the improvement of the DraftSight mechanical features, making it more convenient to add on the screw and nut tools data into the drafting drawing, whether in 2D or 3D drafting mode. Changing user’s perspective on using the software for drafting, especially in manufacturing industry or equipment design department. Quick preview on the sheet set manager, allow users easily see the drawing without opening the drawing, better way to include additional information in the sheet set manager, as use it as a project management tool beside sorting the drawings in your computer. These enhancements really show the effort of DraftSight R&D team to improve the overall software improvement. After the 3D Experience World, big comeback from DraftSight 2024 what’s new. Therefore, we can only cover what we know on the DraftSight 2024 new enhancements. Patiently wait until the latest version is released, then we can be hands-on, and share with you our first-hand experience of these features.

Enhancement introduced from the R&D team is based on the feedback and report submitted from users.

Layer and tool palettes are superb.


The first major enhancement that is coming to DraftSight is the advance palettes for tools and layers. The layer palettes improvement allow users to direct access to the layer manager without additional window pop up. The layer of information can be directly accessed at the task panel, on the right side of the software. If the user prefers to use back the classic style, they can drag the layer section out from the task panel. Provide flexibility on UI customization for the end user.

Next part is the tool palettes included in DraftSight 2024. To ease the user to easily use the entity function, block features, and other functions in the software, DraftSight introduced tool palettes. These custom palettes allow users to assign common use function in the software, into the tools panel at the task panel of the software. Instead of separating the function into other tab at the task panel, the tool palettes inside come with different sub-section which allow user to assign shortcut on those section, reduce the micro time used to find those function in DraftSight, reduce the unnecessary cursor moving in the software.

Layer can be placed in the task panel, easier to access to all the layer information.

Tool palettes allow users to create quick shortcuts for all the features or function they want to use in drafting.

Ribbon UI for MacOS

Starting from the year 2010, DraftSight had been available for MacOS. Whereby, the R&D team is still focusing on the software stability and features to improve user workflow. All this while, the software still looks like the window UI version running on MacOS. The square corner for the option button, giving a more friendly UI for MacOS users. This enhancement allows users to differentiate the difference between the window version and the MacOS version. However, the features between these two versions remain the same.

The DraftSight UI is now aligned with the MacOS UI.

More Enhancement will be introduced.

By far, this is major changes or improvement on the DraftSight 2024 UI. The features enhancements will be introduced in the next article, so far this is the information provided by DraftSight. We are still waiting for the release of DraftSight 2024. If you are interested in these features, please do not hesitate to contact us at Stay tuned for the next article on DraftSight Feature breakdown.