Hello fellow friend, thanks for joining IME SolidWorks Xpresso on 10th Dec – 14th Dec 2009.
We get well respond and support from all SolidWorks design engineer in Malaysia during the online seminar. I am sure all of us enjoy the session very much. (Which session you like the Most?)

To appreciate your support and your participation, on behalf of IME Technology I would like to announce En Ahmad Rizal Maharam from Halliburton Malaysia to be IME SolidWorks Xpresso lucky winner. He had won a “SolidWorks Limited Solar Charger(which come with 7 type of adaptor)”

Hope this session brings you smart design tips, which help us to design better and smarter.

Miss the session?? No worry. With the technology now a day, we can share the presentation easily through Facebook or Youtube.

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SolidWorks Malaysia – IME Authorized Reseller
SolidWorks IME Youtube

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