for a country to grow, we need young, fresh, innovative designer to come up with new state-of-the-art design. You do not need to design an aeroplane or alien spacecraft to make you special. Something simple, something out of the box, something will make others say ” why i never think of that!” is good enough  to say I’m a creative designer.

We always complain you can survive in Malaysia by designing. We always heard a friend say Malaysia will never have a great designer. Malaysian would not appreciate a design and we believe that Buatan Malaysia products is a not reliable and I rather pay more to buy an imported design.

Is it really ‘design’ in Malaysia consider tak boleh lah (cannot laa~)? I believe this is just a mindset. A mindset that we should shift+delete and forget about it forever and ever.

so dear designer, this video is dedicated to you and I hope with this video can inspire you to stay to design and one day you stand proud to say: Malaysian design is the best!