We just held our annual Design Validation Day 2011. The attendances were more than we expected. Luckily we have extra chair and banana cakes to serve them.

Well, it was a jam pack morning for a half day event (9.30am – 1.00pm). It started by having Product Manager (SolidWorks), Mr. Lau to talk about “Idea to Innovation”, giving ideas on the direction of our industry and important of sustainable future.

right after the sharing, Chan, our young simulation specialist (also one of our blogger) took the 1 session of SolidWorks simulation and demonstration. Switching between PowerPoint and SolidWorks, he explained how easy to handle SolidWorks simulation products to improve overall design in term of reducing cost and tedious of doing prototyping.
2nd session started after a tea break, serving home-made sandwiches and delicious banana cakes (my favorite) from a nearby bakery shop. The presenter? Me, drill more detail into motion study in a 3D CAD. How helpful is it if you can simulation your machine movement in a LCD screen before actual testing. I end my long-winded presentation with the 1st Life cycle assessment (LCA) in CAD. YES! Now you can actually know how ‘green’ is your products during the design stage.

This event end with a ‘marriage talk’ by our customer, Malift Sdn Bhd. As the only skylift builder in Malaysia, he share how the “marriage” between IME and Malift can help to ensure safety our the skylift users and gain a good night sleep. Audiences amaze with the design he did and how simulation help to make it smaller, lighter and the same time remain the safety level. Thank you Mr. Norazman for a great sharing.

For all who attended, they are invited to for free 1/2 day workshop to experience the software by themselves. the date as below:
15 June- Electronic

17 June- Automotive

22 June- Simple machinery

24 June- Heavy equipment

29 June- Machinery
Contact us if you want to join our event. See you again, soon!~
By the way, do not forget to submit your GREEN DESIGN before the due date!