Today I designed an assembly with my 2D software, something like this:

I show to my manager and he like it; very much! Thumb up! he said. After looking awhile on my drawing, he asked: What will be the overall weight for this design?

Of course, to obtain the weight, we need a weight scale, digital type will be more accurate. I can’t find any around, so i just use a typical type of weight scale.

Wait awhile ya!” I responded to him. Immediately I’m try to obtain the weight of the design. Finally I got it! And my answer to him:

Boss! If I measure the design in my 19″ LCD, the weight will be like 6.5KG! And you know what, it only weight 80 grams if I print it out with a Double A paper.

Swwt!~ @.@”

Moral of the joke: Please get a 3D CAD!!!