I love Cendol! SolidWorks love Ice Kacang Machine!

It’s been awhile I didn’t took leave for vacation. During this X’mas festival, I managed to spend a day in Malaysia famous historical cityMelaka. (trust me, you wouldn’t wanna go there during festival session! So PACK!)

So, if you been there before or google some keywords like ‘Melaka food’, ‘cari makam Melaka’, ‘eat in Melaka’, you will found that CENDOL (or ice kacang) is one of the MUST EAT dessert when you visit to Melaka.

Cendol– A bowl of shaved ice fill with coconut milk, green starch noodles (source from pandan leaf), BIG red bean & the most important signatured ingredient: GULA MELAKA filled on top of the shaved ice to make it special~

This bowl of cendol remind me of SolidWorks Innovation Day 2008, which held at Johor, Penang & Kuala Lumpur. If you had participated this marvelous event, you should knew about the Ice Kacang machine competition, whereby all participants try his/her best to assemble an ice kacang machine in certain time frame and stand a chance to win away a 3dconnexion SpaceNavigator.

The passion for cendol drives me to work something with the existing ice kacang machine (model by Sew with SolidWorks 2008). With the introduce of PhotoView 360, it give me a good chance to try it out with my ice kacang machine.

PhotoView 360 is new in SolidWorks 2009 and the technology base for PhotoView 360 is new and was co-developed with our Solution Partner Luxology, a leader in photorealistic rendering technology.

It brings one-button photorealistic rendering to the rest of us who are typically not experienced the the artistic aspects of photorealistic rendering. PhotoView 360 represents the latest in technology for balancing high quality image output with extreme ease of use.

PhotoView 360 streamlines the process of creating high quality rendered images and brings it to a three steps process:

We believe that PhotoView 360 is so easy to use more people than ever will begin creating photorealistic renderings of their designs as a communication tool. SolidWorks designs that are established with PhotoWorks settings for lighting, materials, scenes. This is what you (only) see in PhotoView 360, a step-by-step manger (that why I say it is so easy to use)

By following the 3 steps process, I manage to render my old school style (where you need to spin the wheel to shave ice)Ice shaving machine!!!

So, this indeed is a good news for SolidWorks 2009 user! For SolidWorks 2009, designers can use either PhotoView 360 or PhotoWorks to create photorealistic renderings of their designs.

Hmm, maybe I should create som images comparison between PhotoWorks & PhotoView 360, side by side! how do you think?

Cheers! : )