The accuracy of results extracted from SOLIDWORKS Simulation is crucial especially in areas of high stress such as sharp end or cutouts regions.
One of the enhancement in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016 is really helpful for me when I am doing Analysis projects. I can now see accurate node information, and this new tool called Mesh Sectioning.

You can now use this section tool in SOLIDWORKS Simulation to view the interior of a meshed part. The section tool hides nodes behind a given plane. It helps and allows users to gain insight into the internal mesh structure thereafter to make decision whether mesh density up to their expectation.

The mesh sectioning can be also viewed on result plot through 2 methods.
1st Method is shown in the picture above, select plane which intersects with the elements and seeing the result across. It is adjustable to show only the intersected elements or interactively dragged through the model.

For the 2nd method, I’m going to keep the cat in the bag – come and join SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day 2016 and explore on your own, REGISTER HERE!
Ng Wee Sern
Application Engineer | Simulation Specialist