Hey, I found this articles from a website that share tips about solidworks. I found this will be good if every Solidworks user know about this, so i decided to copy and paste this article to Solidworks Malaysia Community to share with all Solidworks user in Malaysia.
What are some basic tips to making a stable assembly?
There are many considerations that must be addressed when starting an assembly. There are also several methods and philosophies to address these considerations. This answer only provides general recommendations without getting into specific methods. Planning is important to making a stable and useful assembly.
When starting an assembly, align the primary part’s solid model origin to the origin of the assembly model. However, instead of mating to this origin, the solid model should simply be set to Fixed. Reorientation of the assembly may be difficult if the part solid models are dependant on the assembly model reference geometry (origin, default planes). The primary part should be either:
• A base part to which most other components are mated (such as a base plate)
• The most functionally important part to which most of the other components must be related. (In this case, it is also important to make sure the part’s origin is at the most functional location within that part’s solid model.)
Mate subsequent parts to existing fully constrained parts. Avoid unnecessary mates that may cause overdefining errors later in the process of building the assembly model. Generally, avoid mating to the reference geometry of the assembly itself.
To help reduce overdefining errors, avoid circular mating. Circular mating is where several parts in an assembly model are mated together from two or more separate methods. This can occur in larger assemblies where several parts are chained in mates leading off from a common component, but also mate directly to each other at the other end of the component chain, thus forming a mating circle.
Where possible, repeated instances of same part should be patterned using feature driving, accessible at pulldown Insert>Component Pattern…>Feature Driven…. Patterning parts simplifies the assembly model and also can improve SolidWorks performance.