How often do you travel on plane? Do you know that you share that experience with more than three billion people every year; and when we put so many people in all these metal tubes that fly all over the world, sometimes, things like this can happen and you get a disease epidemic, especially with the virus outbreak – H1N1, Ebola and the latest, COVID19.

‘What happened when a person sneezes on a plane’, a question one might ask. Well, this young inventor, Raymond Wang decided to use Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) solution to find out how the air moves on airplane and found out that air would get swirled around multiple times, hitting their neighboring passengers before it even has a chance to go out through the filter. “This is a pretty serious problem”, he said. He then conducted more than 32 different simulations to come up with a solution while reducing the prototyping and physical testing costs.

Find out how he did it in the video below:


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