Last Thursday, there is a live design on SOLIDWORKS channel hosted by Jeremy and Toby.

Jeremy and Toby streaming on SOLIDWORKS YouTube channel last week.

Starting in year 2021, SOLIDWORKS team from DS started to run live stream on the YouTube channel, to talks about latest news, new features and tips and tricks for SOLIDWORKS.

On this stream session, they going to discuss and show some of the hidden features that help to speed up your design process.

Usually when we want to rename the dimension, we need to turn off the Instant 2D features, select the dimension, and rename the dimension on the feature’s properties. In SOLIDWORKS 2021, instead of turning off the Instant 2D, if you double quick tap, can direct access the properties at the dimension section, which allow you rename and change the dimension easily. Which skip some hectic steps to accessing the properties each time when you need to standardize your dimension details.

Double quick tap on the dimension in instant 2D direct open the properties shortcut tools

Allow you to edit the dimension, and rename the dimension to standardize your modeling details.

Instead of using complex formula to manipulate the distance between the instances in linear pattern, you can use the Up to reference option in the feature to control the instances position and apply offset dimension at the end of the instances. So, the distance will always be the same with the original offset distance in the original seed pattern in SOLIDWORKS.

Offset option you might miss out if you seldom use the up to reference option in linear pattern.

Double click the offset option allow you to modify it, or fix it with references dimensions.

Up next, is the new enhancement on the linear pattern. When come to geometry pattern, usually due to geometry changes on the linear pattern. The shape and design of the pattern follow external geometry as reference. Most of the time, linear pattern required you to select the geometry pattern to ensure all the instances pattern in the feature become exactly the same pattern with the original seed pattern. Vary sketch in the linear pattern allow you to maintain the same design but with different sizes base on the shape and the behavior of the reference line, it can be straight line or flexible curve line. With this enhancement, it provides more flexibility when come to customization on linear pattern.

Vary Sketch allow you to maintain the same design pattern with different sizes.

Result after selecting the vary sketch options.

Able to use simple sketch line to define the linear pattern behaviors.

They going to have constant live stream about tips and tricks on SOLIDWORKS. It will be remarkable, if you follow their youtube channel to watch Toby to share about his knowledge on SOLIDWORKS.

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– Henry Chai, Application Engineer, IME Technology Sdn Bhd