Happy New Year!!! I want to wish everyone healthy and wealthy in 2009… We always use this phrase in our daily life – “Give and Take”…… Sometimes i asked myself what happen if we change it to “Take and Give” – take first then give…… i repeat “take and give” for 3x times and it sound a bit weird to me, but the most important thing is it doesn’t rhythm. Anyway, this year (2009) i am going to start to “give” first to follow the sequence of the phrase ” Give and Take” I am going to give everyone a link to “Free Solidworks Simulation Xpress Online Training Seminar

I think most of Solidworks user will aware that every seat of Solidworks includes SimulationXpress. It can provide basic analysis functionality for those who don’t use FEA tools regularly. (like me!!)

In this training, you can
1) Perform Structural Analysis for Solidworks Part.
2) Learn when and why to use SimulationXpress.
3) Download Exercise files and test your skills in SimulationXpress.

Finally, i hope everyone can get some “value” for this training.

Happy New Year 2009!!!