When doing my internet browsing today and search for images related to laser cutting, this design caught my attention and I decided to download it and share here. I think this is one good example of simple and nice design. The designer,Michael Bihain who is now working with companies and distribution firms development furniture, jewels and accessories and this is one of his new design, the iris table.
He has used laser cutting to transform a single sheet of steel into a coffee table that resembles an iris. Unlike most tables the iris is stackable. So I assume this designer had considered sustainability factor in this coffee table. Imagine the transportation cost saving by incorporate stackable features in his design. Besides, this is also good for environment as we can reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the number of transportation trip when shipping.
As a designer, we can play a big role in conversation of our environment, let start incorporate those features in our design that can reduce our carbon footprint like this one here. Thumb up for Mr. Michael Bihain.

have a nice weekend!!
~ah lau~