For most processes through a product’s life cycle, being attractive seems to be the norm in the modern society where products are getting competitive and the product that catches the eye first is crowned as the king. So, how do companies make their product attractive in the eyes of the consumers you ask? The answer is very simple, through visualization. This is why SOLIDWORKS Visualize exists, to allow your visualization to take form in this design space of unlimited possibilities.

So let’s get started with SOLIDWORKS Visualize. In this example we will see how to make a design a whole lot more attractive.

The picture above is the 3D model of the mouse and it looks unattractive to say the least. So let’s get started in SOLIDWORKS Visualize. For all of you who are new, we will be using the ‘easy mode’ to do this and it will give you an idea of what it is that you need to make a solid render.

First things first, let’s start by adding some colours! Hit on the paint icon and start throwing in things that will make your design stand out.

So here I have added some personalized touches onto the mouse model. I’ve added some dark blue plastic, high gloss black, rubber appearance for the scroll wheel, light grey for the side walls and some chrome to finish off the look. So I can definitely say that this is what I want. However, it still looks dull in the pictures doesn’t it? Do not worry! We are just at step 1 of adding colours; we still have some settings to play around with!

In this next phase (scenes), what I did was just add a new environment and a new back plate. An environment is where you can adjust the light settings of the surrounding area and the back plate is just a static back ground. For this, I created and adjusted the light source to be above the model and adjusted the lighting to be on the softer side, and then I decided to use a solid white background to exaggerate the shape of the mouse. After making these adjustments, the appearance on the model has changed. However, this does not reflect how the mouse will actually look like! The appearance on the screen is simply just a rough picture. The next phase is to position your camera view; this can be done by rotating the model in any orientation desired for the final picture. To get a high quality result, we would have to click on the ‘render’ button for SOLIDWORKS Visualize to produce the desired image results. The rendering process will render the current camera view on the display.

Here is the final result of the rendering. Do note that this was just a simple example which shows a short glimpse of the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Visualize. With SOLIDWORKS Visualize, companies will be able to market their products in a more attractive manner and all of these can be done with just a small amount of training! No technical knowledge is required to operate this software, meaning that anyone can use it.

Like what you see? Interested in SOLIDWORKS Visualize? Contact us now to learn more about SOLIDWORKS Visualize!