Hi friends,
This is a simple perfume bottle that I have come out during the last weekend:

Model rendered in PhotoView

Basically the feature of this model is simple. As you can see, the overall body shape can be created by extrusion base on the sketched profile. However, to make the chamfering along the the bottle, especially when the chamfer size is not equal, you will need to use some surfacing technique to handle it properly. Here, i have create a short video to share with you the techniques, hope you enjoy it!

I have sent the SolidWorks model for CNC machining! As you know, MasterCAM is a very powerful CAM software that can be integrated with SolidWorks. When the CAD file is read in MasterCAM, it can automatically generate the machine language- G-Code and sent to CNC machine to run the tooling. You can imagine how excited I was, when you model out something, you can see the outcome the next day!

Mock up by CNC machining, material: Acrylic