This is Part II of ” Nothing in the world is FREE” post.

This means…………….another free tool for anyone who visit this blog…yeah!!!!….Hooray….Hooray…..

Actually I discovered this software yesterday accidentally, so instead keep it to myself…..why not share with everyone!!!….

Let me introduce you with DoubleCAD XT™.

DoubleCAD™ XT is an AutoCAD LT work-alike. But free.

DoubleCAD™ XT is a great companion with AutoCAD® — and if you are a Google™ SketchUp™ user wanting to go from concept-to-construction drawings — or have an older copy of AutoCAD LT® that can’t read the latest AutoCAD® files — DoubleCAD™ XT is an invaluable companion to SketchUp™ and AutoCAD LT®, too.

With so many new, innovative features, you might even think DoubleCAD™ XT is an upgrade for AutoCAD LT®:

  • Better drafting
  • Better detailing
  • Self-healing walls (ADT compatible)
  • Self-aligning blocks
  • Advanced handle-based editing with instant access to a variety of tools
  • Snap prioritization
  • Smart dimensions
  • Fast zoom with no pauses
  • Brush editor
  • Better hatch patterns & gradient fills (using bitmaps, transparency, & full color)
  • Draw in 16 million colors (vs. only 256 colors in AutoCAD LT®)
  • Special line, arc, and circle tools
  • Multiline, bezier, and fixed ratio ellipses tools
  • Meet-Two-Lines and Convert-to-Curve modify tools
  • Superior workflow with Google™ SketchUp™ and SketchUp™ Pro (including new v7)
  • Open & save .DWG, .DXF, and .DWF formats from AutoCAD® R14 (1997) up to 2009

But the most important thing is there is no catch at all to use DoubleCAD™ XT, What we need to do is just fill the form. Then Serial Number and Activation Code will be given immediately via email.

The developers of DoubleCAD are trying to shake up the CAD world. “We won’t do that unless we have something special.”

“DoubleCAD™ XT is a full-powered 2D CAD application — one that you already know how to use — and is free with none of the usual limitations: We’re not constraining printing, saving, file sizes… we’re not including untimely time-outs… we’re not even constraining the software license — our free DoubleCAD™ XT can be used for unlimited personal and commercial use.”

“Our hope is that as you need even more power, you’ll consider upgrading to our enhanced DoubleCAD™ XT Pro product or DoubleCAD™ plug-ins as available.
Based On Award-Winning CAD Code”
(quote from their website) I had downloaded and tested this software and i personally felt that DoubleCAD™ XT is more than enough if you use it for 2D drafting only.

Besides this, i also downloaded the Advantages of DoubleCAD™ XT over AutoCAD LT.

and FULL Feature List

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