Foruming is one of Malaysian culture. Forum is the best place for you, who have common interests to share and talk the same language.

A young Malaysian saw that we, SolidWorks users here need an area, a chat room for  us to share our SolidWorks knowledge and tips. Therefore, this young man, Farizal took the initiative to start a forum: Malaysia SolidWorks Designer Communities.

Special columns were dedicated for IME to promote training and post SolidWorks update <- admin, you are so kind!~ We shall try to do something with that. (Now you know why I promoting the forum *laugh*)

Personally, I like the mamak corner. Usually this is the forum area where most members hang out because they can take about anything, either related or non related with SolidWorks; and trust me, the culture already started although just the few of us. Do check it out ya!~ (Can we share on how to make a cup of nice Teh Tarik? )

Guys, please give your support by joining the forum. The registration is so easy, just like eating ABC. Simple click below link to register:

Join now!~ Build our own community and together, we grow.
BTW, don’t forget to drop by the New Member Introduction  to say HI!~ ^.^ v