The year has come to an end, but we never stop moving forward, it just indicates we are one step closer to our goals. In the coming year, it opens doors to many fresh opportunities. It’s time to reflect and count our blessings. It is not all, but we are about to share with you our favourite moments throughout the year.


It is the 19th SOLIDWORKS WORLD! It is an astounding 4-days event which gathers the avid designers and innovators around the world at Los Angeles. We are beyond glad to join the 3D design experts from many industries.
It has garnered over 5000 attendees to learn new skills, get their hands on the latest technologies, preview latest SOLIDWORKS products and relit their passion for Innovation.
Manager boot camp, application engineer workshop, breakout sessions and a long list of meaningful activities kept us getting absolute most out of our time. Over the course of event, we learned that there is no better place for us get re-energised and inspired for 3D design than the SOLIDWORKS World!


“Great Designs Get Built” – the theme this year says it all, we are honoured to celebrate success stories featuring our fellow customers who embrace the spirit of “Buatan Malaysia”.
Another great experience for us to bring event like this throughout Malaysia and it has always been our pleasure to meet up and mingle with like-minded innovators and technology enthusiasts.
Cultivating entrepreneur mind-set should be an embedded education. It is a long process, sowing, cultivating and sustaining, but we strongly believe in investing time and resources in developing youth.
We want to explore innovation and technology creativity with you. Your support fuels our engines.
Don’t miss us at IME SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day 2019!
With the alliance formed between Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) and IME last year, we participated in the 7TH Scientific Day of ITC: “The Future’s Bright The Future Science”
IME was invited to speak on technology development and trends in CAD, CAM, CAE and 3D Printing in Institute of Technology of Cambodia. We talked about how these technologies are impacting the way things are made. Knowledge exchange was fruitful and we were amazed by the IoT devices designed by the students.


Everyone is talking about the exponential growth of Industry 4.0 which disruptively changes the manufacturing landscape, production value chains and business models. No industry can be an exclusion from this revolution. The question is how you can get yourself prepared for this massive transformation? Digitalisation is the core foundation of it all. We are talking about the ability to generate, analyse and communicate using data in the effort to increase productivity in the company.
In the past 36 years, we have been keeping up with our core values in connecting with our customers with “Respect, Listen and Care”.
They are not merely attributes we put up as propaganda; in fact, we make every effort to walk the talk.
Still, with customers recognising what we are doing is just icing on the cake. We received a cake from our customers as appreciation which brings us the most rewarding feeling ever. This is definitely among the top of our list when it comes to our favourite moments.


Meeting with young bloods always gives us new inspirations; all-year long we met with more than 1000 students and guided them throughout the product development process from product design up to prototype development.
Students who joined us were aged from 9 to 18, from more than 20 high schools, vocational schools, colleges and universities; including boot camps organised by CREST under the Engineering, Science and Technology Youth Programme 2017, School of Arts from Sunway University, University of the Immaculate (Philippines) on their International Educational Tour, and more.
The enthusiasm and drive from the students to learn is always a good source of encouragement for us to continue giving back and building the community.