Just a little something we did for our Premium users.

The best part about having SolidWorks Premium  is that it come along with a features that allow us to perform analysis and improve the design in SolidWorks. The features we called it SolidWorks Simultion. It’s not something new or unique, it just a built-in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in SolidWorks. Because of this, it make life earlier, you design in SolidWorks; you analyze in SolidWorks, in one single interface.
Last Friday morning, SolidWorks Premium users were invited for a half day gathering, no other place than the IME’s SolidWorks building. this event was special organised for invited Premium users. What we shared were nothing but SolidWorks simulation in  SolidWorks Premium.
Two words- full house! The registration were more than we expected as some only can confirm on last minute but the topics were to interesting that they knew they can’t miss it.

They have the Premium, but often they use this benefits. After a period of time, they slowly forget that how great that this features can help them to design a better products. Let’s go simulate, a gathering that focus on how to fully utilizes the FEA in SolidWorks. At the same time, urging Premium users to start using it.
Mr. CL Wong, Technical Manager started the gathering by recap all the steps and standard procedures to setup a simulation and extracting the results into a professional report. Attendances digested every steps explained by experience technical manager with more than 10 years in SolidWorks simulation.
Follow by “Best Practice of SolidWorks Simulation”, presented by your truly. Topics mainly highlight on steps to fastern your setup, reducing error and increase result accuracy. 4 main focus:
1. Planning your analysis
2. simulation consideration
3. How to get good results with great accuracy
4. Large & complex assembly analysis.
did you know some features in SolidWorks can actually help to reduce simulation build up error? The answers has been revived in the sharing.
Attendances never miss out a chance to dig deeper about SolidWorks Simulation. 15 minutes tea break become the best time for them to ask and know each others, exchanging name card. that day, I saw a group of Premium users who passion in design and looking more alternatives to improve their design.
After the break, seven tips & tricks shared by one of the speaker, Chan. This sharing give more ideas on saving time, elimate repeat tasks and getting the right result in split second. The topics:
1. How to know which portion of the design carry the most load?
2. How to calculate the maximum load can be taken by a rack?
3. How to view the displacement results in terms of angular displacement (degree or radian)?
4. What is the way to create split face in the shortest time?
5. How to obtain the result at the same location even the mesh density change?
6. How to check deformation using your CAD tool & make comparison with the original design?
7. Dynamic stress in Motion Simulation.
If this only what SolidWorks can do, in term of analysis? No, answered by technical manager, CL Wong.
He ended the 3 hours gathering by sharing the last topic: Explore advance SolidWorks Simulation features. If static analysis is not enough for you, maybe some advance simulation can be helpful. To name as few, optimization, non-linear analysis, drop test, pressure vessel, flow simulation (CFD) and etc.
I would not say much about their feedback but one thing for sure, they’re going back with a big satisfied smile. As happy as a kid with a ice cream in his hand. We know that this is not enough. That why for coming month, you will recieve more invitations for other simulation events. Specially for you.
Attendances do take note. The slides will deliver to you soon.