Does my NOKIA 6500 looks cool? This is not the actual model, this is the image of SolidWorks file rendered with PhotoView360! Well, this photo was rendered by me but I am not the person who create this model, this model was downloaded from 3D Content Central through SolidWorks!

3D ContentCentral is a community of both users and suppliers. This website supplies millions of free parts and assemblies which are available in all major 2D and 3D CAD formats. SolidWorks is one of the supported format. In order to download all the supplied parts, basically what you need to do is just register as a member of 3D Content Central, then you will have the access to all the supplied parts. Besides that, you can also become a 3D Content Central supplier to contribute all your 3D models to this community.

Throughout 3D Content Central, you can search for supplier component using part numbers, product name and so on, you can also configure those parts base on your requirment such as customize the dimension or feature control. Besides 3D model, it also supply 2D blocks, library features and even macros for SolidWorks! All this functions are definitely save our time from create those standards or common parts by ourself~!

Do you know you can actually access 3D Content Central from SolidWorks? Here are the picture to show you where can you access the website from SolidWorks!

Callout the task pane (the smaller window on right hand side) of SolidWorks, click on the Design Library tab, and get the access to 3D Content Central!