Have you ever encounter preview problem especially when you are trying to apply material such as water to your SolidWorks model? Supposingly when we drag in the “water” onto the solid body that we wish to apply, it will give us a transparent appearance, but most of the time, instead of transparent effect, the preview will give you black color! Don’t get suprise with that, this is actually due to the level of preview quality setting! If the current setting for preview quality is “Good“, try to increase the level to “Better” or even “Best”, then you will notice that the water appearance will turn into transparent as what you expected!

Preview Quality Setting= Good

Preview Quality Setting=Better
The 1st picture is my design of wine bottle ! Wish to know how to make the “ring” along the bottle body and how to create the water inside the wine glass? Keep following SolidWorks Malaysia Community! Happpy reading~