“Does F.E.A provide me in the right information about my design”? A very common question pops out in your mind when we talking about how F.E.A can help us to save development cost and time. It’s time to clear the doubt.
An experience technical Manager and a young F.E.A specialist of IME technology Sdn Bhd will join force to tell you how SolidWorks Simulation work in various industry and how is the result can be achieve. It all happens on 7 June (Tuesday) 9.00 am – 1.00pm, in CADCAM Training Centre PJ.
This time, IME Technology Sdn Bhd is really grateful and is our honour to invite our customer- Mr. Norazman (Managing Director for Malift Sdn. Bhd.) to spend precious moment with us to share how Malift actually gain the ultimate benefit of the SolidWorks Simulation as a sky lift builder where human lift involve.
Let’s Analyze, join us in our Design Validation Day 2011, we shall take you to the virtual simulation world and analyze every parts of your design to lead you to realistic your design now.

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About Malift Sdn Bhd
The Malaysia first Sky Lift builder.From design, testing, casting, fabrication and installation, all is done in Malaysia.