It seems like the design posted by sew is very interest and it make me feel hungry….. I hope there will be more great designs share in this blog in the future. Last few week during my free time, i did a bottle design with Solidworks. Initially, it was planned to be a perfume bottle design but when it comes to rendering portion, i can’t find a suitable material for perfume liquid that satisfy me. So it ended up to be a bottle or container for ………….(guess what?please see it yourself!)
Lets me share with you on the process and main feature that i used in the modeling stage…….

Then, i used FLEX feature to bend the hexagon extrusion by 180 degree. (click on the image to view my setting)

Finally, the result and rendered image as below. TANG TANG TANG TANG………

You need to enlarge the rendered image to find out what i put in the bottle……..Have you figured out what is in the bottle?

~ah lau~